Kingdom Of Children

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On an ocean of thoughts,
lost in a world beyond this.
Covered in a grey mist,
surrounded by uncertainties.

Forgive my ignorance.
Captivated by the bright lights,
blinded by the unknown.

Forever trapped at the moment,
frozen until it’s stone cold.
Do you believe in magic?

Let’s sprinkle fairy dust on your crown,
and watch you soar beyond mountains.
In a Neverland​ that’s beyond outstanding.

I’m in a world beyond my own,
fantasies come true,
while I’m on my throne.

They call me king,
while angels sing.
Renaissance in a rock of ages,
a chapter is written on​ every​ page that’s given.

Sitting still,
thinking of the road to higher bliss,
a gateway where the pain does not exist.

Then suddenly,
characters from the literature I hold emerge.
And the fairy tale becomes our world.

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